January 7

Time to Tweet!

I’ve been ‘lurking’ around Twitter for a couple of years now. I enjoy seeing what other educators are writing about and find their links to other blogs and websites very helpful. I’m quite happy to comment in support of the tweets of others, and happily get myself involved in twitter conversations. What I am unsure of is how much I have to offer. And I do get concerned with the idea that the Twittersphere is full of all sorts of commentary, and feel that if we all do it, we might not notice the really profound contributions.

Despite my concerns, I am going to try to share more this year – but no promises! I’ll just see how I go.

If you happen to read this post, I’d love to know your thoughts on Twitter and the multitude of tweets flowing through. Do you share or spend more time reading? If you are a teacher, what do you choose to share? Any advice is welcome!

PS My Twitter handle is @khollow, should you care to follow me!


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5 thoughts on “Time to Tweet!

  1. Sue Waters

    Hi Kirsty

    Nowadays I’m mostly a lurker on Twitter and Facebook. My advice for sharing on Twitter is the same for blogging. Share what you want to share to achieve your own personal needs. Don’t worry too much about others as it can constrain what you do.


  2. Kathleen Morris

    Hi Kirsty,

    Twitter is the social media platform I enjoy most of all but I still go through phases of posting a lot and then only lurking for a while. I want to make an effort to get more involved in conversations this year too as that’s where the magic happens!

    There was a great post just a few weeks ago from Bill Ferriter (@plugusin) about conversations and Twitter. He has written a follow up post too. You might like to read them http://blog.williamferriter.com/

    One more thought is that I have just realised there is a new feature on Twitter where you can choose whether you can to see every tweet from people you follow or whether you want the algorithm to show you the top tweets. So that could be worth experimenting with too.
    Here’s the info on that https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/18/twitter-rolls-out-the-sparkle-button-to-let-users-see-the-latest-tweets-first/

    Would you like me to ask my followers to follow you on Twitter? Up to you but it might be a good way to make a few new connections!

    Kathleen 🙂

    1. Kirsty Hollow (Post author)

      Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for your reply and supportive comments! I will read Bill’s blog post – thanks for sharing. I’ve looked at the sparkle button, too.
      Thanks for offering to ask your followers to follow me – I don’t mind, but they might not get much out of it, yet!


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